5 reasons to visit Diego De Almagro Aeropuerto (Santiago)

I loved Diego De Almagro hotel for several reasons. If you are looking for a place to escape it all but also want to distance yourself from the typical spring break party crowd or kids screaming jklkghggdsdgsdfsd – this is the place for you. Champaign and massages upon check in was so classy after a long flight.

We always found pool side chairs and beach chairs even when we showed up around 1:00. We liked that the hotel was a few steps off the beach. This hotel is well worth the price you will pay. we didnt eat at the restraunt (except for poolside snacks which were great) because at nights but took a 5 dollar cab ride to where all the more authentic restraunts were downtown. We would definately stay here again.

If you are going to Santiago and you like to spend time in the pool during the day and have good drinks, but at the same time you love to go out at night, visit clubs, restaurants or just walk by the beatiful beachboard… This is the PLACE to be. It is close to everything, but at the same time is hidding away from the noise.

It is only a few minutes away from el centro, the malecon so you do not need to take a taxi. From the hotel you can walk in the beach or just relax in the hamacas they have by the ocean. All the rooms have a great view with a privileged balcony, no matter where you are.

Rooms are very comfortable and spaced. Great linen, very soft and clean. They have a spa where you can go to the sauna or steam for free! And this is so worth it after a day by the pool. They also have a gym with a variety of brand new machines.

But the best part comes here, the people that works at this hotel is great! Service is very high valued. From the front dest, concierge, pool guys, cleaning maid, spa staff… they are very kind, helpful and bilingual, this is very important for your relaxation and have a great vacation. Definetely we will go back.

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